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Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - Of a Royo Machinery Huatai Die Cutter RHT-1060PG Drupa model

Our colleagues from Lefema have successfully installed the first fully automatic die cutter RHT-1060PG in The Netherlands. This machine features full preset .....

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Successful machine test - Of a square bottom Paper Bag Making Machine prior to shipping

We fully tested an automatic roll fed square botton paper bag making machine last week. This machine is capable of doing inline D-Cut handle with carton or plastic backing, also has.....

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Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - Of a beautiful 5 color Speedmaster 74 with coater in Panama

We have succesfully intalled very nice Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-5+L with CP2000 in the beutiful Panama City, Panama. Entering the machine into the building was.....

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Excellent machine for sale by Royo Machinery - Very nice 1989 5 color plus coater located Colombia.

We have this rare Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 FP+L for sale in Cali, Colombia. Machine has perfecting 1 over 4 which is not easy to find. Machine is in production and can be isnpected any time. It is free from cylinder and gear dama.....

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罗佑机械 是全球最具经验的新旧印刷设备,印后加工和纸箱设备的供应商之一。在过去的68年里,我们向加勒比和拉丁美洲的印刷商销售过很多的新旧胶印和印后加工设备。我们与该地区的特殊关系和对该地区的了解使我们公司相对于其他竞争对手具有竞争优势。