Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - Box Folder Gluer Royo Machinery RZH-GD800 G

Successful Installation By The Royo Machinery Team - Box Folder Gluer Royo Machinery RZH-GD800 G

The Royo Machinery team has successfully installed a Box Folder Gluer Royo Machinery RZH-GD800 G in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We ship and install nationally and internationally, and make sure to always provide the best service possible for a smooth installation. Heavy machinery can be tricky to deal with, which is why having an experienced team and documenting the process with videos and photos are measures we like to take in order to meet our clients' needs and standards. Our team tests the machine prior to its shipment and then when it is installed in its new location.


When it comes to this machine, Box-Folder Gluer machines are an integral part of the packaging industry. They are utilized by companies to produce high-quality packaging quickly and efficiently. These machines offer several advantages: as well as being suitable for producing a wide range of box sizes, they can also operate at high speed, ensuring an efficient production process that allows products to be packaged up and distributed quickly. High production yields, as well as high-quality outputs, also mean that these machines are great value for money.


This machine is easy to operate, with paper feeders ensuring that paper is always fed into the system correctly to guarantee productivity.

We are sure that the client will be more than happy with this machine. Our team hopes to support them with their equipment needs.


  • Box Folder Gluer RZH-GD800 G - Features: Continuous friction feeder with variable speed, Weight 4.2t, Total Power: 10.26kw, Min. Box size: 200 x 100mm Lock Bottom, Min. Box size: 75 x 80mm Side Gluing, Speed: 0-300m/min, Straight Line, Max. Box size: 800 x 550mm Side Gluing , Max. Box size: 700 x 550mm Lock Bottom, Edge-grinder, Double wall (optional), Disc applied double upper gluing system, Dimensions: 12000 x 1560 x 1600 mm, Crash lock bottom, Configuration: Feeder-Pre Folding-Lock Bottom-Folding-Pressing, Carton thickness: 200-700 gsm, Adjustable electronic pile vibrator, Side gluing: 135 degrees pre-folding for No.1 line, Lock bottom: 90 degrees pre-folding for No.3 line.


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