Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - Laminator Royo Machinery RL-SW-560

Successful Installation By The Royo Machinery Team - Laminator Royo Machinery RL-SW-560

Our team installed a Royo Machinery Laminator RL-SW-560 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As always, we followed Royo Machinery's guidelines to ensure a smooth installation from beginning to end. 

This Royo Machinery Laminator RL-SW-560 is a fully automatic laminator for thermal film lamination. The equipment comprises a feeding unit, a laminating unit, a paper separation unit, and a paper collection system. The machine has a state-of-the-art PLC system to control all pneumatic and electrical functions. Its heating roll has a built-in oil heating system to precisely control the laminating temperature. One overlapping regulator consists of servo control and front lay to guarantee the accuracy of paper overlapping. An intelligent temperature heating roller (equipped with a built-in heater), a temperature measuring sensor, and a temperature controller keep the temperature stable and steady. 


The machine is fitted with a film shaft: an air shaft with a dividing rule makes the film's loading, unloading, and positioning more accurate. A pneumatic breaker controls the extension of the film, and a conveyor table with an air aspirator regulates paper conveying and overlap to improve lamination. 


An optional automatic stacker receives the sheets quickly, orderly, and non-stop. The electrical system (Schneider PLC inverter Omron and other internationally recognized components) makes the machine easy to maintain and reliable. We don't doubt that this machine will be an excellent investment for our client, as it prioritizes features such as compact structurehigh automation, and easy operation


It is always a pleasure to install these machines. Our team hopes to continue assisting this client in Florida, providing quality machinery and all additional services when necessary. We take pride in being resourceful and taking installations seriously, even with smaller machines like this one. Don't forget to watch shipments, tests, installations, and more on our Youtube Channel!


We wish this client in Florida the best with their new Royo Machinery Laminator RL-SW-560.

Royo Machinery Laminator RL-SW-560Features: Voltage: 220V 60/50HZ, Stacker (Optional), Paper thickness: 100-500 gsm, Laminating Speed: 0-60m/min, Total Power: 20kw, Min. Paper size: 210 X 300mm, Max. Paper size: 560 x 820mm, Dimensions: 4600 x 1350 x 1600 mm, Laminating Temperature: 80-110 C.

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