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Successful machine test - Printer Slotter Die Cutter RLEAD-1224

yes A new Printer Slott.....

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Another machine shipped by the Royo Machinery Team - Die Cutter Royo Machinery RDC-1060MPB II

This week the Royo Machinery team has successfully delivered a Die Cutter RDC-1060MPB II to a printer in Colombia. The machine is now at its new home in Medellín, Colombia, extreme care was taken to rig and transport t.....

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Successful machine test - performing precision stripping

A Royo Machinery RHT-760P Die Cutter has been successfully tested at the Royo Machinery factory in preparation for shipment to the United States. Every machine we se.....

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Successful machine test - of a New Roll Sheeter RCM-1400A-2

A new Roll Sheeter Royo Machinery RCM-1400A-2 with the capacity to cut two 55" wide rolls has been successfully tested in the Ro.....

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Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - of a Factory Rebuilt Die Cutter RDC-800H in El Salvador

This weekend the Royo Machinery Team successfully installed a factory reconditioned Die Cutter RDC-800H in El Salvador. There were major challenges ge.....

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Another machine shipped by the Royo Machinery Team - Stitcher Heidelberg Prosetter SF-454 2000 shipped to Peru

The Royo Machinery team has successfully shipped a Stitcher Heidelberg Prosetter SF-454 2000 to Peru. The Medellín team was in charge of loading this machine in a safe and professional manner in a 40' con.....

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Successful machine test - Specialty double partition box being glued in Ecuador

The Box Folder Gluer Royo Machinery RSF 1100-SL was fully tested in Ecuador this week. This machine is specially des.....

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Successful machine test - Of an RFID 4 head labeling machine

We have completed factory testing of a nice an automatic machine to apply RFID (radio frequency IDs) labels at the beginning of May. This machine can apply 4 lines o.....

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Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - Of a Carton Erecting Machine in Ecuador

We have successfully installed a nice carton erecting machine in Quito Ecuador, it was a nice experience to be able to produce hamburgers and french fries boxes, all.....

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Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - Of an Automatic Die Cutter RHT-1060PG Drupa 2020 Model

Our colleagues from Lefema have successfully installed the first fully automatic die cutter RHT-1060PG i.....

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Successful machine test - Of a square bottom Paper Bag Making Machine prior to shipping

We fully tested an automatic roll fed square botton paper bag making machine last week. This machine is capable of doing inline D-Cut handle with carton or plastic backing, also has.....

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Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - Of a beautiful 5 color Speedmaster 74 with coater in Panama

We have succesfully intalled very nice Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-5+L with CP2000 in the beutiful Panama City, Panama. Entering the machine into the building was.....

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Excellent machine for sale by Royo Machinery - Very nice 1989 5 color plus coater located Colombia.

We have this rare Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 FP+L for sale in Cali, Colombia. Machine has perfecting 1 over 4 which is not easy to find. Machine is in production and can be isnpected any time. It is free from cylinder and gear dama.....

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