Industry news - Problems in Folder Gluer Installation and How to Get Them Fixed

Industry News - Problems In Folder Gluer Installation And How To Get Them Fixed

For all packaging companies or box manufacturers, a high-speed folding and gluing machine is an essential piece of equipment. These machines allow companies to keep up with their clients’ demands by accelerating production rates.

Of course, there are instances in which things could go wrong during the installation of a Folder Gluer Machine. This is why it is necessary to take all the measures necessary to ensure this process goes as smooth as possible - the last thing you’d want is to waste precious time or to damage the machine.

Luckily, Royo Machinery is here to guide you through a few common problems that may arise during installation and how to avoid them. laugh


Mistake #1 Inadequate preparation: One of the most common problems can be a lack of preparation, which is why we recommend making all the ideal arrangements weeks prior to the installation. Even with professionals present, there must be a clear action plan and no improvisation. Not having the proper organization could cause easy-to-avoid setbacks

  • We suggest having a detailed pre-installation plan in which the steps are easy to understand and follow. No matter how familiar the team is with machinery, always try to explain what needs to be avoided and what needs to be prioritized.
  • Nonetheless, remember that if you’re a client you don’t have to write said plan yourself. Always make sure to reach out to the experienced supplier to get the best tips. If anything goes wrong, our team will have your back, ready to help at any given time.


Mistake #2 Unavailability of trained operators: Never forget that a big part of a successful installation is proper training. If you can’t work with a properly trained operator, your box folder gluer won’t be of any use to you.

  • Ask for or look for operators that have experience with running the same type of machine you are installing specifically. If the equipment is new to them, the knowledge they might have on other machinery might not be enough. If necessary, do not hesitate to train the personnel you might already have available. Not only will learning be of advantage for them, but it’s an investment for you and your business as well.
  • In some locations, training can also be done on an offline machine. Although it is not as effective, this training will be of help in the rare occasion that there’s no electricity or internet.
  • And always remember: a live demonstration is the best way to train operators. Hands-on training with a running machine will always be the most efficient way to make sure your operators learn what a properly running machine should look like (or even sound like). Adjust your operators’ shifts so that everyone gets a chance to receive instruction, then they can go back to their regular shifts once training is done.
  • Your operators’ shift can also affect training. The expert will not always be available to give guidance, but some companies operate 24/7, and this means that some operators have schedules that are incompatible with the experts.
  • One last common reason why operators might be undertrained is a lack of experience with changeovers of boxes. Yes, using a few box types makes training simpler, but it is better to overprepare just in case you have clients that are looking for different box types. Your operators must know how to change box shapes, sizes, colors, and thickness.


To conclude, lack of proper training can also be a result of insufficient preparation. By planning ahead of time, you can make all the necessary adjustments to have the best team possible.

All set? As important as the operators are, the materials and gadgets are equally important. It is a must to double-check the items that are needed for the installation and to run the machine.

Mistake #3 Failure to maintain the machinery: Check your machinery regularly. Maintenance is super important: by regularly maintaining your machinery, you enhance efficiency, increase equipment uptime, and prevent delays and disruptions caused by faulty parts. This way, your Box Folder Gluer will last for a long while.

Maintenance shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be something you plan as soon as the machine is installed! Once you’ve purchased your folding and gluing machine, do not hesitate to consult your provider about maintenance and how often it should be done.

Thank you for choosing Royo Machinery!


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