UV Coater Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100  UV Coater Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100

Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100

UV Coater Royo Machinery RUV-GJ1100

This machine is used for both flood and spot varnishing on light and thick paper with accurate and even spot coating register. It is suitable for spot or full coating on words and graphics in books, advertisement sheets, color paperboard to enhance its dimensional quality. Many safeguards and human-based operation procedures ensure user safety and convenience. Imported elements for main bearings and electrical components are adopted in the machine. Features: 1. Feeding part The paper separator is controlled by a cam device with simple structure, and does not need maintenance and lubricating, a nd of good abrasion-proof. It is also with Easy adjusting for the positions of the paper and paper divider. According to the process of different overprinting, the front register and side register can be micro adjusted to make the overprinting more accurate. From register adopts photo- electric detector to control paper deflecting, and use pneumatic paper presser to protect plate. Double paper detector equipped and protection for lifting limit of stacker 2. Coating part This part uses gripper feeding system. Pressing roller and plate roller are pressed close and away by pneum. This part uses gripper feeding system. Pressing roller and plate roller are pressed close and away by pneumatic power. Coating-distributing system is below the plate roller. With rich space, the pate can be installed and uninstall conveniently. Resin-plate and rubber-plate are installed. Coating-distributing system is applied by 4 rollers, with features of even distributing and stable coating supply. It is suitable for both spot and flood coating. Water recycling temperature controller is equipped in the coating supply system to control the temperature of varnish. 3. UV curing part It is composed of UV lamp, reflector, electrical control system, cooling and air exhausting system. Automatic temperature controller equipped inside will switch off the power for abnormal temperature. Using full/half lamp mode automatic switching: generally the machine works in the full lamp mode, and if none paper, double paper forwarding or emergence stop occurs, it will automatically turn to half lamp. 4. Delivery part Equipping Chain transporting makes low noise. Double tracks design for chain (top and bottom) and smooth and stable Gripper delivery is used. Fan and exhausting system is equipped above the delivery part to ensure the safe operation. 5. IR drying part Suitable for water-based coating (optional).


Type: UV Coater
Manufacturer: Royo Machinery Model: RUV-GJ1100


Max. Speed: 5000 sheets per hour, Max. Coating size: 760 x 1060mm, Max. Paper size 850 x 1100mm, Min. Paper size: 300 x 400mm, Dimensions: 7550 x 2600 x 1950 mm, Paper thickness: 80-450 gsm, Total Power 45kw, UV lamp 3x 9.75kw, Weight 8.4t, IR Lamp power 15x 1.5kw (optional), Anilox Coater (optional), Air conditioner cooling (optional)

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