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Paper Bag Making Machine RSBR-180

Paper Bag Making Machine RSBR-180 Features: Max. Paper Roll Width: 600mm, Dimensions: 8000*2200*1800mm, Max. Paper Roll Diameter: 1500mm, Weight: 6500 Kg, Total Power: 15 Kw, Square bottom bag making machine, Precision: +-0.2mm, Paper Thickness: 60-120 GSM, Paper Bag Length: 190-370mm, Paper Bag Width: 80-180mm, Width of Bag Bottom: 60-160 mm, In-line Flexo Printing: Optional.

Paper Bag Making Machine RHY-330

Paper Bag Making Machine RHY-330 Features: Weight: 5500 Kg, Total Power: 16 Kw, Speed: 150-500 pcs/min, Side Folding: 0-100mm, Precision: +-0.2mm, Plastic Film: Up to 400mm, Paper Bag Width: 80-330mm, Paper Thickness: 30-100 GSM, Paper Bag Length: 120-720mm, Max. Paper Roll Width: 900mm, Dimensions: 8500*1800*1900mm, Max. Paper Roll Diameter: 1200mm, In-line Flexo Printing: Optional, V bottom bag making machine.

Wire Binder RLQW-580

Wire Binder RLQW-580 Features: Total Weight: 1000 kg, Spiral Diameter: 0.25-0.75", Speed: 600-1500 books/hour, Binding Size: 580x840mm, Dimensions: 4000 x 1300 x 1250 mm, Wire O Binder, Power: 3PH 220V 50/60HZ (other voltage on request), Auto feeder (Optional).

Straw Making Machine RLQC-510

Straw Making Machine RLQC-510 Features: Automatic angle correction, 6 Multi-blade cutters, Automatic straw collector, Dimension: 3000x1400x1450mm, Number of layers: 3, Paper straw making machine, Paper tube diameter: 5-12 mm, Single side gluing, Wall-thickness: 0.5-1 mm, Winding speed: 30-45 m/min, Winding heads: 2, Weight: 1200 KGS, Power: 3.5 KW.

Tape Application Machine RTMA-1000

Tape Application Machine RTMA-1000 Features: Total weight: 135kg, Total power: 250 Watts, Taping precision: +/-1mm, Tape width: 9 to 30mm, Min vertical distance between spots: 25mm, Min spot length: 35mm, Min open blank width: 110mm, Min horizontal dist between strips: 75mm (betwen centers), Max open blank width: 1000mm, Max number of spots: 4, Max material thickness: 12mm, Machine dimensions: 1650x1400x1570mm (L x W x H), Double sided tape application.

Plate Punch RMW 415-780BP

Plate Punch RMW 415-780BP Features: Self centering, Plate punch and bender combo, Pedal actuated, For SM52, SM74 & SM102, Floor Model.

Box Folder Gluer RSF 550-650 Standard

Box Folder Gluer RSF 550-650 Standard Features: Weight 4.5t, Two lower glue tanks (left & right), Two adjustable front feed knives, Straight Line, Side register section allows perfect blank alignment, Edge-grinder, Crash lock bottom, Third crease line pre-folder up to 135 degrees, Left hand glue flap pre-folder up to 180 degrees, First and Third crease openers, Configuration: Feeder-Pre Folding-Lock Bottom-Folding-Pressing, Carton Thickness: 180-800gsm, Speed: 0-400m/min, Corrugated flute type: N, F, E, Accessories for B-type lock bottom, Fully adjustable lateral feed gates, Continuous friction feeder with variable speed, Adjustable electronic pile vibrator, Upper and lower drive for length adjustment on the trombone, Two upper and two lower carriers, Electronic upper gluing system by guns (options available), Automatic belt tension on trombone, Min. Box size: 126 x 60mm Side Gluing, Max. Box size: 650 x 550mm Side Gluing.

Carton Erecting Machine RBJ-D800

Carton Erecting Machine RBJ-D800 Features: Weight 2.8t, Speed: 20-60 Pieces/min, Dimension: 3600 x 1800 x 2000mm, Corrugated: up to 1.5mm, Box width: 100-1000mm, Box Length: 100-780mm 5 to 40 degrees, Board: 200-600gsm/m2.

Roll Sheeter RSM-1700-2 Features: Weight 18t, Twin Rotary Knife, Self Adjusting Air Brakes, Paper Thickness: 60-1000gsm, Paper tensioning control, Overlapper & piler, Max. roll diameter: 71", Max. Paper Width: 67", Max. Cutting Speed: 300 cuts/min, Dimension: 15500 x 6500 x 1850mm, Cut off tolerance: +/- 0.2mm up to 1000mm, Color LCD operating panel, Auto cut length adujstment system, 2x Roll Stands.

Screen UV Coater RGW-6090X-UV

Screen UV Coater RGW-6090X-UV Features: Material Thickness: Less than 20mm, Total Power: 3.8kw, Screen frame size: 900 x 1200mm, Max. printing speed: Up to 1000 sph, Max. Printing size: 600 x 900mm, Automatic ejecting mechanical arm, Air pressure required: 8kg/cm2.

Slitter Rewinder RHX-650 FQ

Slitter Rewinder RHX-650 FQ Features: Working speed: 180m/min, Slitting width: More than 20mm, Power: 2.2 kW 220 Volts 3 Phase, Max. Unwind Diameter: 1200mm, Max. Roll width: 650mm, Max. Rewind Diameter: 180mm, Core Diameter: 8 a 50mm.

Laminator RL-SW-820

Laminator RL-SW-820 Features: Min. Paper size: 300 x 300mm, Voltage: 220V 60/50HZ, Total Power: 21kw, Paper Thickness: 100-500 gsm, Max. Paper size: 1050 x 820mm, Laminating Speed: 0-65 m/min, Total Weight: 3550kg, Sheet separator, Electromagnetic heater, Dimensions: 5400 x 2000 x 1900 mm, Hot stamping foil rewind, Delivery table with jogger, Stacker Optional, Sheet decurler, Film loader.

Retrofit RoyoCUT RPD-04

Retrofit RoyoCUT RPD-04 Features: Repeatability of position to +/-.002" (.05 mm), Non-volatile memory, No motor included, Multilingual Interface, LCD graphical display, For all size paper cutters, Electrical: 220 Volts 60 Hz @ 1 KVA, Works with existing AC motor, 100 programs, 8000 cut locations.

Wire Binder RSSB-420M

Wire Binder RSSB-420M Features: Spiral Diameter: 8-33mm, Speed: 500-600 books/hour, Dimensions: 1900 x 700 x 1600 mm, Power: 1PH 220V 50/60HZ (other voltage on request), Total Weight: 400 kg, Binding Size: 75-420mm, Air Pressure: 5-8 kgf, Spiral Binder.

Die Cutter RMHC-1080CE

Die Cutter RMHC-1080CE Features: Die Cutting Precision: +/- 0.1mm, Corrugated board up to 4mm, Central Lubrication, Total Weight: 17.8 Tons, Max. Sheet Size: 1080 x 780 mm, Max. Die cutting size 1070 x 770mm, Gripper Margin: 9-17mm, Feeding Pile Height: 1600mm, Delivery Pile Height 1400mm, Paper Thickness 100-2000 gsm, Total Power: 16.9kw, Min. Paper size: 400 x 350mm.

Die Cutter RMHC-1080

Die Cutter RMHC-1080 Features: Max. Speed: 7500 sph, Die Cutting Precision: +/- 0.1mm, Corrugated board up to 4mm, Central Lubrication, Total Power: 16.9kw, Paper Thickness 100-2000 gsm, Max. Sheet Size: 1080 x 780 mm, Max. Die cutting size 1070 x 770mm, Gripper Margin: 9-17mm, Feeding Pile Height: 1600mm, Delivery Pile Height 1400mm, Total Weight: 17 Tons, Min. Paper size: 400 x 350mm.

UV Dryer RUV-GG740

UV Dryer RUV-GG740 Features: Max. Curing Speed: 90m/min, UV Lamp 2x 6.5kw, Tray delivery, 29" width, Double lamp configuration.

Paper Cup Making Machine RZBJ-OC12

Paper Cup Making Machine RZBJ-OC12 Features: Working Power: 15KW, Ultrasonic welding, Total Weight: 2200 KG, Suitable paper weight: 180-350gsm, Rated Speed: 70-90 PCS/minute, 7oz stable 80pcs/minute, Paper Cup Size: 3-12 oz, Open Cam, Material: One-side or Two side PE coated paper, Cup Bottom Knurling: Heater Knurling for single PE coated, Cup Bottom Heating: Hot Air, Air requirements: Air pressure: 0.4Mpa - Air Out-put:0.6m3/min.

Laser Cutting Machine RLC 340 S

Laser Cutting Machine RLC 340 S Features: Weight: 800 Kilograms, Repositioning accuracy: +/-0.1mm, Positioning method: Video capture on the run, Laser power: 180 Watts, Graphic format supported: DXF PLT JPG BMP, Feeder: Sheet-Fed, Dimension: 2000x2100x1800mm, Max. Paper size 483 x 340mm.

Laser Cutting Machine RHM 1060

Laser Cutting Machine RHM 1060 Features: Weight: 200 Kilograms, Stepless speed regulation, Resolution ratio: 0.25mm, Repositioning accuracy: +/-10%, Processing Area: 1000x600mm, Minimum size lettering: 1mm, Laser power: 90 Watts, Graphic format supported: DXF DWD JPEG PCX AI TIFF PLT CDR BMP GIF, Engraving speed: 0-6400mm/min, Dimension: 1150x1100x1000mm.

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