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New Laminator Royo Machinery

New Laminator Royo Machinery RL-SFML-720A Applications: It is used for the lamination of pre-glued film (also named thermal film) and glue less film. Features: Semi-auto laminating machine is a competitive laminator which is designed and manufactured elaborately based on the combination of advanced technology of the international similar products and the manufacturing experience of about 30 years. It is of high technical content, excellent quality and original appearance. This machine is a kind of dual-function product which is for both pre-glued and glue less film. It is of compact structure, easy operation and high degree of automation. All the main components adopt the international noted brands. The electrical and pneumatic devices are controlled by PLC system, and can be operated by only one person. The operator can realize both laminating and separating processes at the same time as long as the size of workable paper is input on the text screen. Configuration: 1. SCHNEIDER frequency converter is equipped for infinitely variable speed, and the operator can change the machine’s speed easily and guarantee the machine’s running stable. 2. One-piece construction design makes the machine run more stably, and lengthens the machine’s lifetime. 3. Manual paper feeding. 4. Magnetic regulating plate can be adjusted easily to regulate manual paper feeding. 5. High precision of chrome plated heating roller is equipped with built-in oil heating system, which has excellent performance to temperature control. The laminating temperature is adjustable upon applications. 6. Hydraulic pressuring system provides big and steady pressure to guarantee good laminating quality. 7. Air expansion shaft releases film easily with precision and also makes the loading and unloading of film roll more convenient. 8. The combination of air expansion shaft and braking device can adjust film release tension and speed. 9. Film cutter cuts film width to make it meet paper size. The cut film is left on the film release spindle. 10. Film perforating wheel perforates film edge for the automatic cut of laminated paper. 11. Anti-curvature device: when going through anti-curvature device, the laminated paper shall be leveled at once and won’t curve again after cut. 12. Pneumatic cutting system realizes automatic paper cut as long as the operator inputs the workable paper size on the LCD screen. 13. The cut paper is sent to paper receiving table. And the table height is adjustable upon applications. Features: Dimensions: 4000 x 1470 x 1650 mm, Laminating Speed: 0-30m/min., Max. Paper size: 720 mm, Paper Thickness 100-500 gsm, Total Power: 18kw, Total Weight 1600kg


Type: Laminator
Manufacturer: Royo Machinery Model: RL-SFML-720A


Max. Paper Width: 720mm, Dimensions: 4000 x 1470 x 1650 mm, Laminating Speed: 0-30m/min, Total Power: 18kw, Total Weight: 1600kg, Paper thickness: 100-500 gsm


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