Carton Erecting Machine Royo Machinery RBJ-D800  Carton Erecting Machine Royo Machinery RBJ-D800

Royo Machinery RBJ-D800Royo Machinery RBJ-D800Royo Machinery RBJ-D800Royo Machinery RBJ-D800Royo Machinery RBJ-D800Royo Machinery RBJ-D800Royo Machinery RBJ-D800Royo Machinery RBJ-D800Royo Machinery RBJ-D800

Carton Erecting Machine Royo Machinery RBJ-D800

Carton Erecting Machine 2019 Royo Machinery RBJ-D800. Features: 1. The carton erecting machine is highly efficient. It can produce as many as 180 pieces per minute and finished products are automatically counted. 2. It is small in size and convenient to install. 3. It has a low power load of approximately 5 KW; Frequency conversion speed adjusting, smooth and stable and high precision. 4. The carton erecting machine uses PLC with high automation, simple operation and adjusting, low rate of fault, and convenient maintenance. 5. It uses a servo control system and moves precisely, smoothly, stably and with less vibration. 6. It is inexpensive. Working Principle: The feeder transmits the pre-printed and cut cardboard from the paper shelf to the convey chain and then sends it to the shaping mold. During this procedure, the cardboard has been glued and you can adjust the position of the gluing. The volume of gluing can be measured while in progress without stopping work. After being glued, the shaped cardboard will be conveyed to a collector to be auto calculated as the preconcert quantity and auto mark without stopping production. Paper Feeding Unit: Paper feeding sequentially by the friction at the bottom of feeder and the feeder's length can be adjusted. The paper can be added during producing. Paper Transfer Unit: The transfer width can be adjusted easily and conveniently using the threaded rod. Glue Spreading Unit: The standard gluing method is cold water glue spreading by roller wheels and for any shape to be glued. The glue volume can be freely adjusted during producing. Cold glue or hot melt glue can be used for gluing. Forming Unit: It uses the mechanical punching forming structure. It is simple and working stable. Or you can choose the independent servo driving punching device for hamburger boxes, clamshell boxes forming specially. A carton box with three corners, four corners, five corners, six corners, seven corners, and eight corners can also be achieved. Finished Products/Collecting Unit: The finished boxes will be pushed into the collecting device. The size of the collector can be adjusted manually with the hand wheel. It's simple, convenient, highly effective and affordable. Counting Unit: The finished box counting is automatic and subsection by inserting a piece of scrip marker. The pieces for one section or one batch can be freely set as required. Control Unit: It uses a PLC automatic control system and touching screen to operate. The programmed European control system is convenient, simple, highly effective and stable. Specifications: Board: 200-600gsm/m2, Box Height: 15-200mm, Box Length: 100-450 mm 5 to 40 degrees, Box width: 100-600mm, Corrugated: up to 1.5mm, Dimensions: 3600 x 1500 x 1700 mm, Power: 5kW, Speed: 50-180 pcs/min, Weight 1.8t


Type: Carton Erecting Machine
Manufacturer: Royo Machinery Model: RBJ-D800


Weight 1.8t, Speed: 50-180 pcs/min, Dimensions: 3600 x 1500 x 1700 mm, Corrugated: up to 1.5mm, Box width: 100-600mm, Box Length: 100-450 mm 5 to 40 degrees, Board: 200-600gsm/m2, Power: 5kW, Box Height: 15-200mm

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