Successful installation by The Royo Machinery Team - Die Cutter Royo Machinery RHT-760P

Successful Installation By The Royo Machinery Team - Die Cutter Royo Machinery RHT-760P

The Royo Machinery team has successfully installed a Die Cutter Royo Machinery RHT-760P in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As major challenges may arise during this kind of installation, our team makes sure to properly document the process and take all necessary safety measures. After a smooth installation, the machine was successfully tested and left running. 


This machine was sold to a rather special new client who has been in the packaging industry but used to outsource. Now, our client wishes to be in production himself, understanding the many benefits this brings. Royo Machinery is the perfect ally during this venture, as our team will guide and support buyers every step of the way: from pre-purchase inspections, dismantling and removal, cleaning and rebuilding to transportation, installation, after-sales service, and professional consultation.


We offer the possibility to automate the production process, allowing companies to be more competitive. The automation of the finishing procedures reduces the cost of labor, increases efficiency, and improves the quality of the final product. In the end, this investment translates into noticeable profits.


With the Die Cutter Royo Machinery RHT-760, the production process will be efficient and precise. This machine is used to cut different shapes using a die. Die-cutting machines use an indexing mechanism and a cutting plate to put pressure on a die and push it through cartons or paper to create a shape with neat and precise outlines. Speed and accuracy are the greatest benefits of using die-cutting machines, making sure manufacturers meet production demands each day without fail. The process is far superior to other machines that take longer to cut the materials.


We wish the new owner much success in this new production endeavor and will continue to support him in his new chapter as a manufacturer. wink


  • Die Cutter Royo Machinery RHT-760P - Features: Total Power: 16.9kw, Min. Paper size: 320 x 260mm, Max. Paper size: 760 x 520mm, Max. Die-cutting size: 750 x 520mm, Max. Die Cutting Pressure: 250 Tons, Inner chase size: 765 x 530mm, Die Cutting Precision: +/- 0.1mm, Delivery Pile Height: 940 mm, Corrugated board up to 4mm, Central Lubrication, CE Standard Machine, Paper thickness: 100-2000 gsm, Non-stop feeder and delivery, Feeding Pile Height: 1050mm, Automatic pressure adjustment, Min. gripper margin: 7 mm, Min. distance to 1st rule: 12 mm, Max. Speed: 9000 strokes per hour, Max. Speed with stripping: 9000 strokes per hour.


Thank you for your interest in Royo Machinery!

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