UV Coater Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040  UV Coater Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040

Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040

UV Coater Royo Machinery RUV-SGZ1040

This machine is used for UV coating the surface of paper, which increases its brightness, damp-proof it surface and increases abrasion-resistance to protect printed colors on the surface of paper. It is suitable for both light paper and thick paper. Feeder, powder-removing, aqueous coating, IR drying, UV coating, UV curing and delivery all can be customized according to your requirements. There are two-meter and four-meter extensions available to extend the conveyor length for especial applications. Features: 1. Automatic feeding section: Machine has a high-speed stable feeder designed for minimum maintenance. Machine has pre-loading device, non-stop feeder increase working efficiency. There are movable guide rails and manual feeding table for small sizes of paper that the feeder could not feed automatically or to test samples. 2. UV Coating section: This section adopts integrated casting structure and high quality machined parts and precise feeder which guarantees fast and stable running and safe operation. 3. UV Curing section: This section is composed of lamps, reflectors, air cooling and exhausting systems. 4. Automatic deliver section: Jogging timing can be set according to paper weight. Pneumatic joggers keep sheets delivered in order for a perfect pile. Also, it is equipped with a counter, pre-delivery table which opens automatically when paper jams in delivery.


Type: UV Coater
Manufacturer: Royo Machinery Model: RUV-SGZ1040


Full Surface UV coating and Varnishing Machine, Weight 4.6t, Paper thickness: 80-450 gsm, UV lamp 3x 9.75kw, Dimensions: 10895 x 1750 x 1740 mm, Max. Speed: 7000 sheets per hour, Total Power: 44kw, Max. Paper size 1040 x 760mm, Min. Paper size: 300 x 440mm

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