Box Folder Gluer Royo Machinery RSF 800-SL Standard  Box Folder Gluer Royo Machinery RSF 800-SL Standard

Box Folder Gluer Royo Machinery RSF 800-SL Standard

SMARTFOLD RSF-800: It is specially indicated for the most demanding packaging companies, commercial printers and finishers. Can run from small to large sized boxes, covering a wide range of industries. It is flexible to operate and it comes with a state of the art technology and electronics. The standard version includes the accessories for straight line and crash lock bottom boxes but option for double wall and 4 & 6 corner gluing is also available. It is flexible and easy to operate. ------------------- SMARTFOLD RSF-800: Especialmente indicada para las empresas de embalaje más exigentes, imprentas comerciales y de acabados. Optima para procesar cajas de tamaño pequeño y mediano, cubriendo las necesidades de una amplia gama de industrias. Máxima flexibilidad para operar, incorpora la tecnología y electrónica mas avanzadas. La versión estándar incluye los accesorios para las cajas estándar y cajas de fondo automático con la opción para pegado de cajas de doble pared y 4 & 6 esquinas. Es flexible y fácil de manejar.


Type: Box Folder Gluer
Manufacturer: Royo Machinery Model: RSF 800-SL Standard


Straight Line, Speed: 0-400m/min, Side register section allows perfect blank alignment, One lower (left side) gluing tank, Left hand glue flap pre-folder up to 180 degrees, Fully adjustable lateral feed gates, Folding hooks & helixes to fold front flaps, First and Third crease openers, Third crease line pre-folder up to 135 degrees, Electronic upper gluing system by guns (options available), Double wall (optional), Delivery pneumatically adjusted, Crash lock bottom, Corrugated flute type: N, F, E, Continuous friction feeder with variable speed, Carton thickness: 180-800 gsm, Automatic belt tension on trombone, Adjustable electronic pile vibrator, Accessories for B-type lock bottom, 4 and 6 corner boxes capable (optional), Two adjustable front feed knives , Two upper and two lower carriers, Upper and lower drive for length adjustment on the trombone, Motorized and Memorized carrier positioning option, Motorized 4 and 6 corner device (optional), Min. Box size: 126 x 60mm Side Gluing, Min. Box size: 146 x 80mm Lock Bottom, Max. Box size: 800 x 800mm Lock Bottom, Max. Box size: 800 x 800mm Side Gluing, Weight 6.6t, Total Power: 15kw, Dimensions: 15200 x 1400 x 1800 mm

Product tags: Box Folder Gluer


Box Folder Gluer Royo Machinery RSF 800-SL Standard


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