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Royo Machinery RM-2500

Carton Stripper 2019 Royo Machinery RM-2500, S/N: Pending order, Features: Air consumption: 12 CFM, Air pressure: 0.62MPa, Dimensions: 530 x 175 x 255 mm, Net Weight: 3.7 kg, Power: 680 W, Stripping Rate: 2200 Rev/min.


Punch 2004 GBC MHP-17, S/N: 46831298, Paper size: 32 x 46cm - SRA3, Features: 230V, 60Hz, single phase, Dimensions: 44.5 x 46.5 x 28.5 inches, Interchangeable punching dies, Punch Capacity: .008", Up to 17 inches on the bind edge, Weight: 250kg / 550lbs.

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5 + L

Offset Press 2005 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5 + L, S/N: Pending, Paper size: 53 x 74cm - B2, Features: 15,000 sph, Alcohol Dampening, Automatic Blanket, Roller and Impression Cylinder Wash, Autoplate, Axis control, Bacher pin register on clamps, CP2000, Diagonal Register, Electronic sidelay control, Extended delivery, Heidelberg DryStar IR Dryer, High pile delivery, IR Dryer, In-line coater, Preset, Silver Series Machine, Steel plate in delivery, Steel plate in feeder, Straight Machine, Stream Feeder, Suction Tape on Feeder, Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculator, Ultrasonic double sheet detector, Weko powder spray.

Royo Machinery RDC-800H

Die Cutter 2012 Royo Machinery RDC-800H, S/N: 1906-3-1, Paper size: 61 x 82cm - SRA2, Features: Central Lubrication, Corrugated board up to 2mm, Die Cutting Precision: +/- 0.1mm, Dimensions: 4290 x 2330 x 1980 mm, Max. Die Cutting Pressure: 150 Tons, Max. Die cutting size 800 x 620mm, Max. Height of pile delivery: 1030mm, Paper thickness: 100-2000 gsm, Total Power: 13kw, Total Weight: 10 Tons, Voltage: 220V 3PH 60Hz.

Royo Machinery RMSCB-70

Carton Stripper 2019 Royo Machinery RMSCB-70, S/N: Pending order, Paper size: 52 x 74cm - B2, Features: Dimensions: 2450 x 1600 x 1900 mm, Max. Stripping Area: 700x500mm, Max. Stripping Finished Product: 220x220mm, Mechanical arm & conveyor (Optional), Min. Stripping Area: 450x320mm, Min. Stripping Finished Product: 30x30mm, Power: 4 kW, Stripping Height: 40-120mm, Stripping Speed: 15-20 Strokes per minute, Weight: 1600 kg.

Heidelberg GTO V 52

Offset Press 1987 Heidelberg GTO V 52, S/N: 690357, Paper size: 36 x 52cm - B3, Features: 8,000 sph, Alcolor Dampening, Bacher pin register on clamps, Baldwin Refrigerated Recirculator, CPC 1.02, Low pile delivery, Powder Spray, Quick action plate clamps, Single Sheet Feeder.

Muller Martini Minuteman

Stitcher 1994 Muller Martini Minuteman, S/N: 946805, Paper size: 28 x 44cm - Tabloid, Features: 2 head stitcher, 6 pockets, Belt delivery, Cover feeder, Hand fed station, Max. 6000 cycles per hour, Saddle stitcher, Three knife trimmer.

Schneider 92

Paper Cutter 1999 Schneider 92, S/N: 92040779, Paper size: 106 x 106cm - Size 4, Features: Air Table, Automatic, Digital programming, Extra knives, Hydraulic clamp, Mechanical knife drive, Safety lights.

Harris C-S46-A

Paper Cutter 1970 Harris C-S46-A, S/N: Pending, Paper size: 115 x 115cm - Size 4, Features: 46", Air table, Hydraulic, Side tables.

Royo Machinery RL-720B

Laminator 2017 Royo Machinery RL-720B, S/N: Pending, Paper size: 52 x 72cm - B2, Features: Dimensions: 1270 x 1150 x 1400 mm, Laminating Speed: 0-15m/min, Paper thickness: 105-500 gsm, Total Power: 3.2kw, Total Weight: 250kg.

Stahl B-23 / 44

Folder 2008 Stahl B-23 / 44, S/N: 123RI0007, Paper size: 106 x 106cm - Size 4, Features: 1 right angle, 1st Unit - 4 plate folds, 2nd Unit - 4 Plate folds, Air feed, Belt delivery, Combo rollers, Continuous feeder, Counter, Parallel Section, Pre-slitter shaft, Quick Set, Slit/Score/Perforate in parallel section, Zero Speed Folding Plate Deflectors.

Roland R202

Offset Press 1993 Roland R202, S/N: 23729B, Paper size: 106 x 106cm - Size 4, Features: 13,000 sph, 4 Delivery Gripper Bars, Air suction in feeder, Chrome blanket cylinder, Low pile delivery, Powder Spray, Quick action plate clamps, Recirculator Refrigerator, Rolandmatic, Stream feeder, Vacuum feed board.

Heidelberg GTO 52-2

Offset Press 1996 Heidelberg GTO 52-2, S/N: 714262, Paper size: 106 x 106cm - Size 4, Features: 10,000 sph, Bacher pin register on clamps, DDS Dampening, Double sheet detector, Low pile delivery, Powder Spray, Quick action plate clamps, Segmented ink blades, Single Sheet Feeder.

Heidelberg TP Platen

Die Cutter 1977 Heidelberg TP Platen, S/N: 68155, Paper size: 106 x 106cm - Size 4, Features: 4,000 strokes per hour, Delivery Pile height: 13", Feed pile height: 11 3/4", Max. Die Cutting Pressure: 60 Tons, Max. Sheet Size: 13 3/8, Max. thickness: 0.039", Min. Sheet size: 3 3/8" x 4 3/4", Space Required: 6'10" L x 5'7" W x 5'7" H, Weight: 5,270 lbs.

Stahl KD-78 4KZ

Folder 2002 Stahl KD-78 4KZ, S/N: 125434-274020, Paper size: 78 x 116cm - B1, Features: 32 Page Section, Air feed, Belt delivery, Combo rollers, Continuous feeder, Counter, Digital knife folder, Noise hoods on all stations, Parallel + 3 knives, Pre-slitter shaft, Quick Set, SBP Stacker, Zero Speed Folding Plate Deflectors.

Heidelberg Prosetter SF454

Stitcher 2000 Heidelberg Prosetter SF454, S/N: SL341, Paper size: 32 x 48cm - SRA3, Features: 2 head stitcher, 5,000 sph, 6 Pockets, Cover Feeder, Hand fed station, Three knife trimmer.

Royo Machinery RBVT-80

Vacuum Pump 2018 Royo Machinery RBVT-80, S/N: OD18042400401130, Paper size: 106 x 106cm - Size 4, Features: +/- 600mbar, 230/400V, 3 Phase, 4.8kw, 60Hz, 96 cubic meters per hour, Carbon Blades, Oil-free, One inlet - One outlet.

Heidelberg Web 16

Web Press 1996 Heidelberg Web 16, S/N: 402237, Paper size: 59 x 96cm - SRA2, Features: 6 Units, CPC 1.03, Chilled rollers, Cutoff: 590 mm, Double former folder, Dual silicone applicators, Full machine digital control, Max. Web Width: 96 mm, Phazer 32' Dryer, Quadtech GS 1000 Auto register, Rated Speed: 40,000 sph, Tec Dryers, Twin Butler 4000 Roll Stand, WPC Cutoff Control, WPC Ribbon Control.


Die Cutter 2002 YAWA MW 780A, S/N: 1310019, Paper size: 53 x 75cm - B2, Features: Dimensions: 4000 x 2300 x 1900 mm, Feeding Pile Height: 950mm, Max. Blank Size: 30.75, Max. Speed: 5500 sph, Maximum Die Cutting Pressure: 120 Tons, Min. Blank Size: 310 x 210 mm, PLC and servo control, Paperboard Weight: 90-2000 gsm.

Royo Machinery RFMZ-1300

Corrugated Board Laminator 2001 Royo Machinery RFMZ-1300, S/N: NO PLATE FOUND, Paper size: 78 x 128cm - B1, Features: Compression Unit, Corrugated Board Feeder, High Pile Feeder, Laminating tolerance: +/- 1.5mm, Max. sheet thickness: 8 mm, Weight of bottom sheet > 350 gsm or A/B/C/D/E/F Flute, Weight of top sheet: 200 - 450 gsm.

About Us

Royo Machinery is one of the world's most experienced suppliers of new and used printing, finishing and carton converting equipment worldwide. We have sold more new and used offset printing and finishing equipment to the Caribbean and Latin American printers than any other dealer over the last 68 years. Our exceptional relationship and understanding of the region gives our company a competitive edge over competitors.

The Royo Family has accumulated the expertise to help you with the logistics and the engineering required to manage the process of buying and selling new and used printing, finishing and converting machinery anywhere in the world. We offer additional services such as pre-purchase inspections, dismantling and removal, parts, cleaning and painting, rebuilding and retrofitting, transportation, installation and demonstration, after sales service and warranty, appraisals and professional consultation.

Being in the industry since 1948 has allowed us to build a global network dedicated to finding the new or used printing, finishing and carton converting equipment you might be looking for at the most competitive prices. Let us help you find the Offset press, Paper Cutter, Folder, Die Cutter, Box Folder Gluer, UV Coater, Roll Sheeter or Laminator you are looking for.